Introducing the Predicta GUARDIAN info bites

Welcome to our new collection of Predicta GUARDIAN info bites.

In these series you can expect to see teasers of the Predicta GUARDIAN application. You can learn what to expect when using Predicta. How the application is programmed to send whatsapp alerts of cows at risk of transition diseases. Learn why a cow is flagged to be at risk, learn how to set up Predicta to suit your needs, how to make the most of the application and other useful information about transition cow diseases and improving overall herd health.

Our Managing Director, Fernando Mazeris asked to speak at Africor Lugo.

On February 29th there will be a new edition of the Technical Conference organized by Vaca Pinta and Africor Lugo at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Lugo. The main focus will be the insurance of high genetic value, the problems of diseases and the insurance of crop damage.

The conference discusses the importance of using data for the management of farms. Our managing director and vet, Fernando Mazeris was asked to present a talk at the event. He will be presenting "La revolución de los datos en la granja lechera" which translates to "The data revolution on the dairy farm". His presentation will focus among other things on the potentials of improving farm management, working on achieving improved sustainable milk production and bettering herd health, all thanks to the power of data already present on dairy farms today. Fernando will continue by discussing more about the possibilities and importance of wisely utilising big data in the dairy world in a round table discussion with other subject matter experts. We look forward to seeing you there!

If you would like to book an appointment with Fernando to discuss in more detail, please send an email to 

Dairy Data Warehouse Managing Director presents at Africor Lugo

Join our talk at DairyTech UK

Artificial intelligence can help you predict which cow can get sick before disease strikes! This will be the focus of our talk at DairyTech, presented by our head of Insights and Vet Armin Pearn.

Dairy Data Warehouse presents at DairyTech UK

Predicta GUARDIAN now also includes 2 NEW transition cow disease predictions - Lameness and Mastitis

Predicta GUARDIAN generates health alarms of cows at risk of transition diseases during the dry period. Using Predicta GUARDIAN offers a reliable data driven dry cow management solution. To date Predicta GUARDIAN was sending alarms for retained placenta, milk fever, ketosis and displaced abomasum. We have now just introduced 2 new diseases: Lameness and Mastitis.

Lameness and Mastitis predicted by Predicta GUARDIAN

Meet the Dairy Data Warehouse team at Dairytech

Meet the team at Dairytech this 7th February at Stoneleigh Park. Find out how data on farm can help improve your profitability and sustainability without buying any equipment or hardware. We shall have great offers during the fair, read the article to find out how to pre-register!

Dairy Data Warehouse goes to Dairytech

Farmers Weekly Webinar Overview - Maximizing your herd’s efficiency with the power of artificial intelligence

This is an overview of a webinar we held with Farmers Weekly. We analysed answers to the most commonly asked questions by dairy farmers about Predicta GUARDIAN. Our flagship product directed to farmers to help them predict which cows will get diseases such as Lameness, Mastitis, Ketosis and others before they get sick. Thus helping dairy farmers improve herd health and their bottom line.

Predicta GUARDIAN whatsapp alerts

Dairy Data Warehouse entrusted to drive new Strategic Partnership between John Deere and DeLaval for Sustainable Milk Production

"Dairy Data Warehouse has built a reputation of being a partner of choice when it comes to managing dairy data. We are honored to have been chosen by these two giants in the industry to drive and manage this project mostly because it is aligned with our core mission of building a more sustainable dairy future.” States Fernando Mazeris, Managing Director at Dairy Data Warehouse.

milk sustainability center

Latest update to our flagship Predicta GUARDIAN – “Economic Autoconfigurator”

“With the latest revolutionary “Economic Autoconfigurator” feature in Predicta GUARDIAN the disease cost and prevention is now also taken into account to give its user the most economic sensitivity level (likelihood of diseases) of a particular disease prediction. More than ever, vets and farmers are now in a position to take a more informed dry cow management decision and be on top of their game” states Dr. Armin Pearn, Head of Insights at Dairy Data Warehouse.

Predicta GUARDIAN dashboard

Introducing the "Vet to Farmer" videos

We have just launched short easy to follow educational videos on our social channels and Youtube channel to offer practical advice to dairy farmers on daily problems.

from vet to farmer

Digitalizing the dairy value chain for a sustainable future - Promoting Predicta GUARDIAN

Our main vision is geared towards providing solutions for dairy farmers and people in the dairy industry to help them become more environmentally sustainable and increase their turnover.  

Digitalization is a key contributor to facilitate transformation towards a highly productive agriculture within planetary limits.

sustainable dairy

Our Managing Director, Fernando Mazeris, speaks at yet another event. The Dairy Crea Congress in Argentina: “Journey to the dairy of the future. Artificial intelligence, a new revolution in dairy?”

The Crea conference is a 2-day educational, interactive, networking event held in Argentina over the 14th and 15th of June aimed at anybody interested in sustainable dairy from the general public to scholars, to farmers, to suppliers, to corporations and much more. The event aims to discuss and promote ways of getting closer to the dairy of the future: Sustainable dairy. The event will host more than 40 companies and institutions educating stakeholders in the dairy industry and will see more than 1000 people attending.  

Crea conference

“We would like to thank DeLaval for their business with more than 1000 herds now enrolled in the Benelux region alone.” comments Fernando Mazeris, MD at Dairy Data Warehouse (DDW).

DeLaval enhance its service to its robotic milking machine clients by making use of the large amount of data being collected daily on farm. Dairy Data Warehouse was tasked to develop and manage a monitoring solution with customisable KPIs collected from DeLaval’s robotic milking machines.


Release of new and improved Optiherd V2

Optiherd is our flagship brand for consultants. It allows stakeholders to monitor all the farms they care for and advise on in one simple fully comparable dashboard. Learn more about how Optiherd can help you and on the latest product improvements.

optiherd dashboard

Predicta GUARDIAN update – Autoconfiguration

The latest buzzword – AI! Friend or foe for dairy farmers? Check out our latest improvements using AI to help improve cow milk production.  

predicta guardian

Dairy Data Warehouse CEO Fernando Mazeris speaks at The Semex International Dairy Conference

Join us this January 2023 and “Think outside the bottle” 

Fernando Mazeris