Latest update to our flagship Predicta GUARDIAN – “Economic Autoconfigurator”

“With the latest revolutionary “Economic Autoconfigurator” feature in Predicta GUARDIAN the disease cost and prevention is now also taken into account to give its user the most economic sensitivity level (likelihood of diseases) of a particular disease prediction. More than ever, vets and farmers are now in a position to take a more informed dry cow management decision and be on top of their game” states Dr. Armin Pearn, Head of Insights at Dairy Data Warehouse.

Predicta GUARDIAN is the farmer flagship product from Dairy Data Warehouse aimed at helping dairy farms be more profitable and sustainable by managing their transition cow disease. Predicta GUARDIAN uses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze previous lactations, milk meter or milk recording readings and reproduction data to identify cows at risk of developing transition cow diseases. Farmers and/or vets will then receive Whatsapp alerts of these individual cows weeks before the disease occurrence. This aids vets and farmers with their dry cow management.

The web application is always at the top of its game, striving to offer more to its users and now features an “Economic Autoconfigurator”. This feature takes into account disease incidence, disease and prevention cost and selects for each disease the economically most optimal sensitivity setting of the respective disease model. The user does not need to worry if the model’s sensitivity setting (likelihood of a disease occurring) is aligned with his/her herd as Predicta GUARDIAN is able to do it for them. This assists in making an informed decision for a more sustainable and profitable herd.

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Feature overview

From this video you can experience this new feature first hand and also learn how to set up yourself.

We hope you enjoy the new Predicta GUARDIAN Economic Autoconfigurator.