Release of new and improved Optiherd V2

Who is Dairy Data Warehouse(DDW)?  

 We offer data driven solutions for sustainable dairy. 

Substantial amounts of data are being collected daily on dairy farms using herd management software. DDW is compatible with most herd management software across the globe and can extract and transform this highly valuable data into simple insightful information for dairy farms and stakeholders in the industry. This information is then easily accessed by consultants on a dashboard.  

At Dairy Data Warehouse we also make use of predictive modeling powered by artificial intelligence. The vast amount of data collected over the years from dairy farms allows us to predict at a high accuracy herd health for instance and reproduction success and milk yield, just to name a few. The value of this data and its wide use for better productivity and sustainability in dairy farming is second to none on modern farms.  

For the past 10 years our Data Scientists, vets and programmers have been working hard to give a better product offering to our customers. Continually listening to our clients’ needs and wants to extend our product portfolio and improve our services. 

How do we help stakeholders in the dairy industry? 

There is a lot of data being collected by farmers daily and the more this data is used the better the insights the consultants and farmers have. This in turn allows for informed decisions, better herd management, detection of problem areas, saving time, increased profitability, and better sustainability.  

Appropriate use of dairy data helps stakeholders with simple decisions such as: 

  • planning milk production  
  • selecting the animals which will fulfil their genetic potential  
  • achieving optimum lactation per herd and per animal 
  • managing herd inventory  
  • ensuring the barn is filled with the most productive animals 
  • minimize excess youngstock raised on farm 
  • increase the productive lifetime of animals  
  • prevent costly disease and improve herd health with risk alerts being sent out several weeks in advance of the actual disease event 
  • minimize losses due to disease with early treatment  
dairy cows

What is Optiherd? 

Optiherd is our flagship brand for consultants. It allows stakeholders to monitor all the farms they care for and advise on in one simple fully comparable dashboard. Clients set KPIs for individual farms and farms that deviate from their target are shown up as attention farms. Clients can easily access potential problem farms as soon as they log in in just a few clicks. With Optiherd one can track, manage and optimize herd’s performance to support achieving optimal results such as increased milk production, improved fertility, and overall better herd healthThis in turn allows the consultants to offer a more competitive service in real time to their dairy clients. 

Consultants such as vets, nutritionists and advisors no longer need to individually check each herd's software and analyze the data to see if herd KPIs are being met or if any of their herds need attentionThis is a laborious process which takes up a lot of unnecessary valuable time and gives room to human errorThanks to Optiherd this can be overcome very easily without needing to be tech savvy.  

By simply logging in to Optiherd one gets a 360 view of all their herds in seconds on an easy-to-use dashboard which can be set up without requiring any additional hardware or costly installation fees. 

Key performance indicators (KPIs) can be individually set by the consultant for all herds or for each herd individuallyThe herds that are not meeting KPI goals will show up as an alert so one can tackle the herds that need attention straight away.  

 Key benefits: 

  • Get alerts for individual herds  
  • Quickly see herds that need attention 
  • User – friendly interface 
  • Set different KPIs goals – by business / consultant 
  • Customize KPIs by Herd 
  • Customize access so only authorised consultants see their respective herds  
  • Compatible with most herd management software types 
  • Print detailed screen reports for farm visits 
  • Benchmark different herds  
  • Download data to excel or CSV file 
optiherd dashboard

Who can benefit from using Optiherd? 

Optiherd is for people in the dairy industry who want to provide timely insights to their dairy clients and save time and resources in doing so.   

Our current customers range from small to large businesses of: 

  • Vets 
  • Nutritionists 
  • Advisors 
  • Consultants – feeding, genetics, pharmaceutical, equipment 
  • Businesses with consultants in several countries using various languages 

The release of Optiherd V2 

Optiherd V1 was already offering a great service. However, we are improving our offering even further to provide more insights to consultants. This brings us to our latest release of Optiherd V2.  

Here are some of the new features one can expect when enjoying Optiherd V2.  

  •  KPIs are now based on an access system by level: 
  1.  Farm (herd) 
  2. User (consultant) 
  3. Consultancy firm  
  4. National head office  
  5. Corporate office 
  • The highest level has access to everything and can decide what access to give to each level. There is full autonomy thus giving the user more independence.  
  • We improved our KPI thresholds to an absolute value from a percentage value. This makes it more user friendly, gives even more insight to users to make an informed decision on herd management and attention areas. Lastly, the level of accuracy with which decisions can be made is now improved. 
  • Optiherd users can now filter by different categories. Rather than needing to see all the different KPIs one can simply select the KPIs of importance at the time and just look at those. This makes the system faster and more efficient, saving time to focus on growing the dairy farm business.  
  • There is now an admin feature which helps user/s to decide who has access to which KPIs. This feature allows for autonomy and control for better herd management.  
  • Data can now be retrieved far back in history and by quarter. This allows for easier decision making as one can see the progress of a particular herd over time as well as trends by time of year.  
  • Customers can also have their Logo added to the dashboard

To learn more about Optiherd please visit our dedicated page Optiherd or if you wish to have a live demo please send an email to