Eliminate undetected transition diseases from your herd and achieve a better turnover. 

Predicta GUARDIAN, for farmers who don't wait till it's too late!

The impact of transition cow disease

Did you know that most of the transition cow diseases get unnoticed?  

Retained placenta, metritis, ketosis or displaced abomasum happen in the first 4 to 6 weeks of lactation. If a cow gets sick during this stage it will affect the whole lactation cycle. Learn more here.

Predicta GUARDIAN, for farmers who don’t wait till it’s too late!

Prevent disease before it happens. 

Transition cow diseases can be mitigated or prevented by optimizing dry cow management. Using your farm’s existing management software, Predicta GUARDIAN analyses the milk recording or milk meter data, along with reproduction data from a cow’s previous lactation, to determine whether a dry cow is at risk for transition disease(s).   

Predicta GUARDIAN generates health alarms 6-8 weeks prior to the actual disease. This is impossible to detect with standard blood, milk or urine testing.   

Predicta GUARDIAN web application
Predicta GUARDIAN for farmers who don't wait till it's too late

How do we do all of this?

We connect with your current herd management software (please check here for our data upload terms) and thanks to artificial intelligence and our current cow data from many herds over the years we transform these figures into useful pieces of information. 

Using Predicta GUARDIAN will give you a reliable data driven dry cow management solution. It saves you the worry and expense of whether you would need to treat all your dry cows. Treating only the cows that need it.  

This infographic illustrates how we offer Predicta GUARDIAN for the innovative farmer.
Predicta GUARDIAN flow process

How do you use Predicta GUARDIAN?

Customisable - Choose what will work best for your herd.  

You can receive alerts when you decide, directly to your phone (WhatsApp/SMS) or email to priorities management cows at risk.

Cows at risk Whatsapp alert
Predicta GUARDIAN whatsapp alert
We bet you think it is all great don’t you? Well don’t take our word for it!

See what Farmer Victor Rote from Spain has to say. Farmer Rote is using Predicta GUARDIAN because he wants to take full advantage of new technologies like artificial intelligence for his farm.

Below are the main take aways Federico shares after just 5 months of using Predicta GUARDIAN :

  • Placenta retentions were reduced by more than half 
  • Metritis was reduced from 20% to 10% - saving on antibiotics 
  • Better reproduction 
  • Better milk production from 42ltrs to 45ltrs/ cow/ day 
  • Ketosis with other diseases down from 27% to 6% 
  • Ketosis as only disease down from 7% down to 3%  
  • Reduced time for cow to get pregnant more than 20 days 
  • Almost 0.3 less inseminations per pregnancy
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There is no costly or time-consuming installation. We simply log in with you for a 20-minute call and we use your current herd management software and PC to do it for you. You do not need to purchase anything or do anything. 

Enjoy the power of artificial intelligence for your farm. Book your Predicta GUARDIAN installation today! 

 This will take around 20 mins 

  • We can do it over an online call 
  • You will need your work PC/laptop  
  • You will need an internet connection 
  • There is no installation charge 
  • You will not be charged until the end of the following month
  • Card payment is the only accepted means of payment
  • You can cancel anytime 
  • Great after sales service  
  • The service will be subject to Terms of Use and Data Upload Terms. Learn more.

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