Predicta GUARDIAN now also includes 2 NEW transition cow disease predictions - Lameness and Mastitis

Managing transition cow diseases using artificial intelligence

Predicta GUARDIAN is a service offered directly to farmers by Dairy Data Warehouse giving dairy farmers, vets and their consultants the right tools to prevent costly transition cow diseases from impacting their productivity. Transition cow diseases happen in the first 4 to 6 weeks of lactation and often go unnoticed resulting in profit loss and long-term effects.  

Transition cow diseases can be prevented by optimizing dry cow management. Using data from your farm’s existing management software, Predicta GUARDIAN analyses the milk recording or milk meter data of your herd, along with reproduction data from a cow’s previous lactation, to determine whether a dry cow is at risk for transition disease(s).  Using the power of artificial intelligence and our current cow data from many herds over the years we are then able to make predictions of cows at risk.   

Prediction and prevention over cure

Predicta GUARDIAN generates health alarms of cows at risk 6-8 weeks prior to the actual disease. This is impossible to detect with standard testing.  These alerts are received via whatsapp, sms or email to prioritize management of cows at risk. Based on these alerts appropriate action can then be taken to prevent the disease from happening. Using Predicta GUARDIAN offers a reliable data driven dry cow management solution. It saves you the worry and expense of deciding whether you would need to treat all your dry cows. Treating only the cows that need it.  Apart from a reduction in diseases other common comments from our current customers include: better reproduction, better milk production and less inseminations to name a few.  

To date Predicta GUARDIAN was sending alarms for retained placenta, milk fever, ketosis and displaced abomasum. We have now just introduced 2 new diseases: Lameness and Mastitis. We are continuously improving our services and offering more to our clients so they can be more efficient, more sustainable and increase their profitability.  

How can Predicta GUARDIAN help you

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The 2 new disease predictions Lameness and Mastitis now on the Predicta GUARDIAN platform.