Our Managing Director, Fernando Mazeris, speaks at yet another event. The Dairy Crea Congress in Argentina: “Journey to the dairy of the future. Artificial intelligence, a new revolution in dairy?”

The Crea Conference

The Crea conference is a 2-day educational, interactive, networking event held in Argentina over the 14th and 15th of June aimed at anybody interested in sustainable dairy from the general public to scholars, to farmers, to suppliers, to corporations and much more. The event aims to discuss and promote ways of getting closer to the dairy of the future: Sustainable dairy. The event will host more than 40 companies and institutions educating stakeholders in the dairy industry and will see more than 1000 people attending.  

The Crea Conference Mission and Vision

The Conference discusses ways of achieving sustainable dairy in various manners. One way is by delving into production and management gaps that are stumbling blocks for us to achieve the future of dairy that we dream and strive for. The journey towards sustainable dairy will also be discussed by seeing ways of achieving it with animal welfare. Having healthier cows means they are reaching their full genetic potential and thus are being more sustainable and the protein cycle from feed to milk is kept with the least amount of loss possible. Lastly, the Dairy Crea Congress touches on bioenergy, innovation, technology, environmental management and community links. This is done by sharing ideas and discussing ways of how these industries are working towards the dairy future. Real life examples and company testimonials are also brought forward to attendees. This helps to give some context, making it less theoretical, more tangible and also for everyone to get ideas off each other on the role that they play and how they can all do their bit.    

The Conference is an experience in itself aiming at seeing, feeling and doing. It is not a passive conference but rather a conference where one gets to think, voice opinions, discuss challenges, feel part of a team and participate in the greater goal of sustainability.  The event presents many professionals from across the globe specializing in various sectors to educate people on the latest trends and innovations in the dairy world. Fernando Mazeris, Dairy Data Warehouse Managing Director and Veterinarian will be presenting during the conference together with other specialists in the field such as Mark Gallacher, Director of the Department of Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness and Natural Resources of UCEMA and Horacio Larrea, Business Unit Manager at Semex Alliance together with many other interesting presenters. The full program can be found here.  

Fernando presenting at Crea, Dairy Data Warehouse Mission and Vision alignment with Crea

Fernado will be presenting on the first day, the 14th June at 17.50 (UTC-3) discussing “Journey to the dairy of the future. Artificial intelligence, a new revolution in dairy?” 

The talk will start by showing us the importance of data in our everyday lives and how this has shaped most of the things we do. Everything is more efficient, more sustainable, cheaper, easier to acquire and so much more just because we have been collecting data for many years and learning from this data and building a pattern, a story, a prediction. Fernando will then apply this to the dairy industry and the challenges that the industry faces when it comes to big data. When it comes to the dairy industry data collection and making use of it, it is unfortunately still lagging behind for various reasons. These include dairy data silos (the data is atomized in many different software), access to data, data may not be reliable like events not documented properly and different herd management software making it hard to build a pattern from the data as all software follow their own set of logics and rules. The challenge that Dairy Data Warehouse overcomes is to make a standardized dataset regardless the origin of it, by cleaning, matching and mapping data from different herd management software, milking equipment software, milk recording data and feeding data into manageable pieces of information that stakeholders in the dairy industry can use to make predictions and take herd management decisions based on reliable pieces of information rather than relying on an instinct or a feeling. These data-based driven decisions allow for a more sustainable, productive dairy industry.  

clean it, match it, map it

Fernando will continue exploring Dairy Data Warehouse’s mission and how we can help the dairy industry by and large. Currently on farm data is collected and it is based on historical data. We want to focus on the future, on prediction, we want to anticipate future events such as disease, illness, milk forecast, reproduction rates and much more. We aim for a dairy industry where decision making is made easy and is optimized to achieve maximum results. Learn more about our mission and vision here.

Find out more

Tickets for the conference are still available and you can learn more about Dairy Data Warehouse and what we do and how we are helping the dairy industry at large during Fernando’s speech. Alternatively, we invite you to send an email to inquiries@dairydatawarehouse.com if you are interested to learn how big data can help make your life easier, more productive and more sustainable.