About DDW

Dairy Data Warehouse (DDW) is a dairy data company

We specialize in dairy farm data services for dairy farmers and independent dairy farm consultants as well as a large range of companies in the dairy value chain such as feeding-,genetic- or animal health companies as well as raw milk buyers and processors across the globe. Our headquarters and customer services, including our multilingual helpdesk are based in Assen, Netherlands.

Our vision

We invent and enable data driven solutions for a sustainable dairy future.

The dairy industry is expected to significantly increase its production to satisfy a growing global demand for high quality protein. At the same time society and that includes all of us at DDW expect that food is produced in a sustainable and ethical way.

We are passionate about the benefits of bringing dairy data from its isolated location on farm to the cloud and enabling the dairy industry and first and foremost its dairy farmers, to fully benefit from artificial intelligence as they shape modern, sustainable dairy farming.