Dairy Data Warehouse CEO Fernando Mazeris speaks at The Semex International Dairy Conference

Fernando Mazeris

Join us this January 2023 and “Think outside the bottle” 


Who is Semex?

Started by farmers in 1953 and still owned by farmers, Semex is the fastest growing company in today's genetic solution market. Creating value by continually developing and delivering innovative genetic solutions for the beef and dairy industry. 


Having the healthiest best performing cows reaching their highest potential does not happen by chance. It is all backed up by science and years of research and continuous development. Semex offers the highest levels of embryos, semen and moreBy continuously monitoring the numbers, Semex can offer the best genetic solutions in the dairy industry.  

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The Semex International Dairy Conference 2023 


The Semex International Conference event held in Glasgow will take place from Sunday 15th to Tuesday 17th January 2023. It has been held for many years and is a much- waited event, expected to help set the tone for the dairy sector for the coming year. 

This year everyone is super excited to get onboard this fantastic event after a two-year absence due to Covid 19. Leaving our offices and farms and getting our thinking hats on to catch up with colleagues and friends for a mix of business, networking, and fun.  

The Semex Conference this year shall focus on innovative ways of helping and improving the challenges faced by dairy farmers and people in the industry. It has cleverly been called, “Think outside the Bottle.” Expect industry leaders and great minds in the dairy sector to be present stirring up debate, discussions, and ideas. Do not miss the fun.  

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Semex International Dairy Conference

How does Dairy Data Warehouse fit in?  


Backed up by 10 years of reliable experience, Dairy Data Warehouse is a specialist company providing digital solutions for a sustainable, profitable future for dairy farmers, dairy advisors and companies involved in the dairy industry. We extract dairy data from farms across the globe. We transform the data into a single, cloud-based database. This data loads into our easily accessible dashboards and predictive models. 

We have been diligently working with genetics companies like Semex, Pharmaceutical companies, feeding companies, equipment providers. We help the Dairy Industry “Think outside the Bottle” and make informed decisions fueled by years of experience! Wave goodbye to guessing, assumptions and costly human error and say hello to informed, reliable data driven solutions. We do this in a simple-to-interpret manner for corporate clients, consultants, vets and farmers as we know how busy people in the dairy industry are.  

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Join us for a panel discussion at the Semex International Dairy Conference  


Our expertise and knowledge in using dairy data in innovative ways is appreciated by our colleagues at Semex. Hence, our CEO, Fernando Mazeris has been asked to participate in a panel discussion at the Semex Conference. A Vet himself and with more than 25 years of experience in the dairy industry under his belt, attendees can expect an interesting panel discussion learning a wealth of knowledge on the uses of dairy data. We are sure attendees will be left knowledge thirsty.  

Attendees can learn more about using data in the dairy industry on the 17th January at 10.30am in Session 6 in the discussion “Making data driven solutions”. All panel discussions will be hosted and led by other reputable industry leaders including Paul Larmer, CEO at Semex Alliance. The discussion will be followed by a “Question & Answer” session. We invite attendees to ask, debate, and challenge any ideas. We are intrigued to brainstorm ways of a better, more sustainable dairy future using the latest technologies like data driven solutions from Dairy Data Warehouse. 

Semex International Dairy Conference

Want to learn more?  


Together with Dairy Data Warehouse CEO, knowledgeable members from our team will be present at the Semex Conference and will be more than happy to get to know you and discuss innovative ways how Dairy Data can help your business achieve its goals. Whether you are a feeding company, milking company, Vet, pharmaceutical company, own a small, medium-sized, or large dairy farm or are simply intrigued by what we do, do not hesitate to get in touch.  

Drop us an email at jp.dorgan@dairydatawarehouse.com and join us for a coffee at The Semex International Conference. We are excited to meet you there!