Data solutions for the future of dairy farming

We help dairy farmers become more productive, more sustainable and more profitable

Dairy farmers know the challenges of tight margins, environmental responsibility and demanding regulations. So how can dairy farming be profitable and sustainable?

The answer is that data and artificial intelligence can help dairy farmers to:

  • plan milk production 
  • select animals which will fulfil their genetic potential 
  • achieve optimum lactation per herd and per animal
  • manage herd inventory 
  • ensure your barn is filled with your most productive animals
  • minimise excess youngstock raised on your farm
  • increase the productive lifetime of animals 
  • prevent costly diseases with health risk alerts several weeks in advance of the actual disease event
  • minimize losses due to disease with early treatment through alarms in the very early stages of a disease event

Our comprehensive dairy farm data, reports and modelling help farmers to make the best decisions for their farm. Our powerful tools give clarity to complex issues, so you can take your farm into new levels of long-term profit and sustainability. DDW data and AI tools are here to help your dairy farm now.

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The power of our data and AI tools give dairy consultants a huge competitive advantage

Dairy farming is undergoing a massive change driven by digital transformation. Old ways of working are giving way to new approaches. As with mechanization in the past, agriculture today needs to learn and invest in new ways of doing things.

Dairy Farm Consultants are playing a key role helping their farm clients to navigate successfully through the digital transformation the dairy industry is about to enter. AI tools will bring amazing new opportunities for farmers to optimize their herd management and delegate complex calculations and pattern recognition to machines. However farmers wanting to use these new tools need support and training on how to configure and use them most effectively.

Furthermore, consultants themselves are using DDW’s remote monitoring and artificial intelligence solutions to easily monitor all their farm clients remotely and letting AI help them focus their time on where they can add the most value!

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We provide corporations across the dairy value chain with genuinely effective data-driven solutions

Any stakeholder in the dairy value chain – which covers every aspect of dairy farming from the farm itself to the consumer – has an interest in how raw milk is produced. Stakeholders include companies offering products and services for feeding, genetics and animal health as well as companies buying and processing raw milk.

The huge volumes of data gathered by DDW on raw milk production cover animal health, welfare and performance. The data is the fuel for our large range of services and innovations which can help organisations involved in any part of the dairy industry.

We are your partner of choice for dairy data access, transformation and visualization. We are a global leader in AI solutions based on deep learning from masses of dairy data. Our data, insights and forecasts help companies throughout the dairy value chain to significantly improve their performance.

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