Digitalizing the dairy value chain for a sustainable future - Promoting Predicta GUARDIAN

Dairy Data Warehouse (DDW) and its vision 

To feed a growing population and meet an increasing demand for protein, animal farming in general and dairy farming in particular plays an important role. At the same time, farming especially farming of ruminants for meat and milk production represents a considerable share of the worlds global carbon footprint. With an ever-increasing demand for high quality protein globally, it is imperative that we find more sustainable ways of food production. Finding the sweet spot between productivity and sustainability in function of the local conditions is the key challenge for farming.  

Our main vision is geared towards providing solutions for dairy farmers and people in the dairy industry to help them become more environmentally sustainable and increase their turnover.  

Digitilization is a key contributor to facilitate transformation towards a highly productive agriculture within planetary limits. We invent and enable data driven solutions for a sustainable dairy future. We are passionate about bringing the wealth of data that sits on farm computers worldwide to the cloud and transforming this information using artificial intelligence into useful pieces of information. Farmers, advisors, consultants, nutritionists and other people in the industry can then use this information to increase their productivity and work more sustainably by so doing. 

The Digitilisation barrier - Data Silos

key barriers to digitisation of the dairy value chain are data silos. Dairy Data is mostly collected locally on farms and remains therefore in a hard to access data silo. With farmers needing better advice and consumersdemanding more transparency and traceability, itis a key competitive advantage for any stakeholder in the dairyindustryto haveaccess to farm data.

 At the same time, farmers (dataowners)shouldremain in full control with whom they share their data. It has been identified that data sharing in the dairy industry is still slow because farmers are concerned that their data is not stored safely. DDW’s unique technology can help overcome data silos and leverage the power of BIG data for dairy. 

Solutions direct to farmers – helping us digitalise the dairy value chain

Farmers have some influence over productivity and little over prices, hence the interest in productivity. Productivity measures describe gains from technical change and improved management and efficiency. Farmers remaining in the industry have adjusted in two main ways – increasing the number of cows and the amount of supplementary feedingProductivity change will depend on improvements in technology and efficiency, not necessarily changes in size.   

To further promote our vision we have launched a solution targeted at service providers as well as dairy farmers direct. Historically, Dairy Data Warehouse did not speak directly to the farmers but rather to stakeholders in the industry such as feeding companies, genetics, pharmaceutical, milking machine manufacturers and others. This is an approach that is new for us and adds value to the dairy value chain and the dairy industry.   

Our first solution aimed at farmers is Predicta GUARDIAN. Predicta GUARDIAN takes previous reproduction data together with milk meter readings and with the power of artificial intelligence creates a model to predict the transition cow disease occurrence on farm animal by animal. Alarms are then sent directly to the farmer’s or vet’s phone informing them which animals are at risk and need to be treated or seen to. This helps farmers mitigate transition cow diseases which in turn means they can be more productive, more profitable and also more sustainable. Moreover, Subclinical Ketosis (SCK) is likely to occur in 20 – 30% of cows, mostly undetected. SCK is linked to milk production loss of 7% in the first 30 daysand also leads to increased probability of degradation or other diseases such as mastitis and lameness due to the impeded immune function. (Mastert P, 2018, Uni Wageningen). Further effects include: reduced milk production, discarded milk, a prolonged calving interval and increased culling rate. Predicta GUARDIAN is aimed at digitalising the dairy value chain by using data already present on farm. 

How does Predicta GUARDIAN help promote sustainable dairy farming?
    • Extended life and increased milk production through health promotion. 

    • Reduced milk production losses. 

    • Better reproduction with shorter calving interval*

    • Longevity with increased chance of higher milk per cow per life time. 

    • The carbon footprint of milk from cows with a disease increased on average by 2.3% per case of SCK, by 6.2% per case of clinical mastitis, 4.3% per case of white line disease and by 3.6% per case of sole ulcer (Mastert P, 2018, Uni Wageningen). 

    • Less disease also means better milk quality because of bacterial count bulk and less Antibiotic use. 

*The longer the Calving Interval, the less milk/day 

CI (days)365400455
Production (kg)

305 days10000

In Conclusion

We are very excited to be taking our services directly to the dairy farmer. For any queries please do not hesitate to check out our dedicated page or send us an email on