Can we overcome the Blind Spot in Dairy Cow Health?

A preventative approach: A focus on Lameness and Mastitis

Metabolic disease, lameness and mastitis are a constant challenge to our industry, and we cannot just ignore it: The dairy sector has to concede that there are still too many lame cows and the udder health could still be improved. In this article we look at how data can be used ot help improve herd health.

dairy cow health

Do you know if you have undiagnosed transition cow disease in your herd?

Did you know that most transition cow diseases go unnoticed? In this interesting read we cover the impact of these diseases on your herd and measures you can take to prevent them from occurring. Acting before it is too late, to help you become more economically and environmentally sustainable. 

transition cow disease

Modern day dairy farming: The road towards sustainability

Dairy farming today isn’t about hitting the road with an old roadmap; it is planning the investments as carefully as possible, identifying risks as early as possible and to make sustainability as easy as possible. The application of Big Data principles is about putting existing data into a bigger perspective and creating insights for the future. Interpretation of data is taken over by artificial intelligence and time isn’t wasted looking at numbers, but rather acting on the basis of the information it provides. This means moving forward quicker, reaching the goal earlier: A dairy industry that is truly achieving sustainability.  

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